Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Break!

Wow it's almost already Christmas, and not a single post from me for the month of December... shock! I have truly had a busy semester and I just finished grading all of my students' exams and calculating their final grades. Many of them did so much better than I expected, and some of them told me I was a better teacher than the proff *I am smiling inside*. I even got cookies from one of my students (in case you were wondering, she was already getting the highest grade out of all of my three sections; there was no bribery involved :) I will miss them.

You guys can see the fruit of my labor, and the reason my blog and my shop have not been updated (and also because I'm so proud)! Here is my 29 page paper on the sandalwood trade in Hawai`i... A+! Hee hee!
Aaaaand, because I'm playing post catch up- here are some very lovely items that sweet Nia sent me... I ADORE them. The necklace came with earrings and they both look like candy: you know, the kind that you get at the sweets store and the ones that come around Christmas (I think they're called sugar plum candies). I at first didn't see the strawberry; I was too busy trying to open the tissue paper wrapping nicely... and when I saw it I had a spaz attack! I love it so much; Nia's embroidery is so neat and tidy. You can see more of her lovely work here.

Anyway, all this came about in part because I sent Nia a little horse! Hopefully I'll be able to make more over the holidays for by store. I'm planning on blue, pink, white and black.


  1. A+??? WOO-HOO!!! Congratulations on what sounds like a super successful semester! :)

  2. Hey, you need to start carving stamps! Yours would be sooooooooo cute! :) There are many tutorials out there, so :D

  3. Ooh! I just love that strawberry! So cute! :)


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