Saturday, December 29, 2007

Break time

I thought I'd take a short break from sewing and crocheting, so I made some new keychains/phone straps and earrings! Remember those beads I bought at the bead show a few months back? Well, I finally got a chance to make things out of them! This little strawberry keychain is made with glass strawberry beads from the bead show, and so are the pearls in this earring set. I must say, the strawberry looks positively delicious!

The little pink flower bead on this keychain is pretty special too; I got them at our local Ben Franklin and the girl who rang me up said that they are the only store in Hawai`i that imports the beads from Japan. They are pretty expensive, but sooo cute! They come in a rainbow of colors, and in star and flower (I think maybe heart too) shapes. I'm thinking about using them on my clutches...

It's good I got a chance to take a break, because I am now swamped with orders yet again :)

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