Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas is coming...

Well, Christmas is sneaking up on me faster than I imagined. It's a weird dichotomy, because on the one hand I need more time to finish up the semester but on the other hand, I want a vacation! (Although I think I would be perfectly happy if I could fast forward time to the last day of school). I'm still trudging along on all of my papers; I've found no matter how early I start it I will always need right up to the night before it's due to work on it.

Yay for the long weekend for Thanksgiving; I was thankful indeed. It gave me a chance to work on some of my amigurumi and I had the opportunity to sew two more clutches. I felt like I needed to make more stuff for my etsy because right now my shop is filled with practically all custom orders (which are like the ultimate teaser, especially since I have a "no custom orders please" announcement in my shop). Also, I realized that I don't have any Christmas items! So this weekend I made an icicle bearlet (blue stripey fur), a glitter polar bearlet, a buttercup leaf bearlet and a christmas pack of berries.

I thought the berries would be good for Christmas ornaments; I also have three holly berries that I have to manufacture still.

My polar bearlet was partially inspired by the ice in my sprite cup (since that is usually the closest to snow we get in Hawaii!) I was really pleased with the way the glitter polar bearlet turned out; he is made with a yarn that has a silver thread of glitter running through it, so you get little flashes of silver in his white fur. It was kinda hard to make all the snowflakes float around him, but I ended up using chopsticks to hold them up! Hopefully, a lot of the new things I made will be in my shop tomorrow (so that people will have time to buy them in time for Christmas!)


  1. Your little ice bear is precious. What brand of yarn did you use? It's a great idea!...

  2. Christmas Berry Ornaments??? HOW CUTE!!!!!!


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