Sunday, November 18, 2007

Office and paper work

Well, today I took my sister to her exam (pedagogy for educators?) which was conveniently held at UH where my office is, so I went in to write my paper. For some reason I have been suffering from brain block (instead of writer's block), probably because I spent all summer writing and researching as a job. So now, when I have a paper due for my own class, I find that I just don't feel like writing. I got lots done today though, right now I have about 13 pages of my 20-30 page paper, and I find that the closer I get to the deadline the better my quality of writing (how's that for procrastination?). Suprisingly, a lot of people were in their offices too, so it was like a work party where everyone was writing papers!

Here are some sprinkles which are my office mate's ( I was looking at them all day trying to figure out if sprinkles could be substituted for lunch) and my cacti who I have named fluffy 2. Fluffy the original was a really cute succulent cactus that I got in Target when I was living in California, but I couldn't take him home to Hawaii with me so I planted him on my college campus and hoped the janitors would take care of him. fluffy 2 is from my mom, like an office warming present!

Other than that, I've just been finishing up some custom orders. I'm also trying not to buy more fabrics online, because I'm running out of room (right now I have a lot of my craft junk on my little sister's bed; she's away at college). But it's so hard... I feel like there are so many cute fabrics out there!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving break... I'm going to need it to catch up on my crafting!

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  1. Yeah...I think fabrics are getting cuter and cuter. I want them to start offering them at local craft stores though.


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