Saturday, April 13, 2013


I will be traveling SOOO much in the coming months, its a bit ridiculous (but in a good way?)
First off, there's Chicago for 5 days beginning next week for a conference.  (I'm hoping to sneak away before and after my presentation for some sightseeing since I've never been there, but that may be difficult since my boss lady will be there too!)

Then, two days after I get back, I fly to Hana, Maui for my fellowship.  It was a bit stressful putting it all together, but hopefully it will be a great trip!  I haven't been to Hana in over 10 years.  The Hana trip will round out my April!

Then for two weeks in May, I will be holed up in the countryside/ on a mountain and isolated from everyone except my fellow cohort members to write up our findings and do reporting like mad!  It will be like I'm on a trip (I consider any period of time where I'm not sleeping in my own bed a trip!  I may even sleep in a tent, who knows!) even though I'll technically still be on the same island. 

Our final project presentation is in June (3 nights away on the same island again) and then...

So, yeah my sister and I are going after a long time of me not being able to go (thesising/ fellowships/ work, etc). She told me that if I didn't go with her this year she was going to go without me and then never travel with me again, haha.  So I made it work!  Late June and Early July I will be touring Japan, with extensions in Osaka and Tokyo.  I've never been to Japan before, but I imagine it will be mindblowingly awesome, since it is where all the cuteness comes from!  The trip itself is going to be quite expensive for me, but I know I'll have to start saving $$$ so that I can shop! Maybe in between all my traveling and work I'll be able to fill up my shop/ have a sale... one can only hope!   


  1. Wow, all the traveling you do sounds amazing!! If you don't mind me asking, what exactly do you do for work that allows you to travel often?

    1. Haha, it is pretty amazing... I'm so very lucky! I'm a research analyst which allows me to travel a little, but they allow me to travel for a fellowship that I have (which travels a lot to the other Hawaiian Islands and California!) and also to take vacations (that's why I went to Turkey last year and am going to Japan!)


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