Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bamboo Splash

Huzzah!  For our Christmas party at work (yes, it was a little while ago) I won a $50 gift card to Best Buy (much to the chagrin of my non-winning coworkers, because I WIN SOMETHING EVERY YEAR!!!  last last year I won a Kindle Fire and the year before that I won a gift card to Macy's... I bet I'm jinxing myself right now).  Well I got a Wacom Bamboo Splash Tablet with my winnings!   For those of you who don't know, these kinds of tablets allow you to draw illustrations on your computer using a pen, rather than a mouse... it makes for way better control and ease of drawing.  The tablet I got runs around $89 so I did have to pay some out of pocket money, but it is sooo worth it!  I have a really old version of the bamboo tablet (the Bamboo Fun)... see there it is down there U+2193.svg

Anyway, the new one is DELICIOUS.
I mean, the bamboo fun was good, but the Splash is AWESOME!  The drawing surface is much bigger, and it seems more responsive to the stylus; it looks more sleek too!  The only drawback is that the tablet is no longer bundled with Adobe Photoshop Elements or Corel Painter (but I have Adobe Photoshop CS6 anyway).   Overall, I absolutely love it.  I can't wait for more free time, so that I can draw more cutie things!

I love it.  I am drawing many things using it.  Here is one thing I drew.  Hopefully I will draw many more things and this will jumpstart my fabric designing again.

Drawn with my new Bamboo Splash and Inkscape Vector Software :)

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