Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Island and Oahu- Wonderful Trip

Warning:  Very many splendid photos.

I'm back after spending a wonderful week on the Big Island of Hawaii and then a week in Punaluu on Oahu for my fellowship!  In addition to being able to speak to important leaders in the Native Hawaiian community about their life experiences, it was an awesome trip that included much time outside in nature.  My favorite were the last few days of the trip on the Big Island, where we were fortunate enough to camp overnight in the beautiful and lush Waipio Valley... then we visited an important archaeological site in Puanui (upland grasslands), and then we visited Kalaemano (beach!) to learn about and engage in cultural management of marine resources.  We have a saying in Hawaii, which is "from mauka (upland in the mountains) to makai (toward the sea and shorline)" which pretty much sums up my last two days of the trip on the Big Island and a few of the days on Oahu.  It was really so enjoyable to be outside, considering my usual job requires me to sit at a computer while reading and writing reports!  Maybe it will make me rethink my occupational priorities?  In any case, it was AWESOME.

 Swimming in the bay at Keauhou, Big Island

One of many beautiful sunsets in Keauhou, Big Island

 Driving down into Waipio Valley, Big Island (It was already late afternoon)

Fording the road/ stream in Waipio Valley, Big Island 

Kalo/Taro Loi (wetland ponds for growing) in Waipio Valley, Big Island.  Yep, those clouds did eventually pour on us, right after we set up our tents!

 Our campsite and tents!

 Our tents!  Girl's tent is the one in the background 

 Preparing the kalo huli for replanting

 If we come back in 7 months we'll have new kalo!

We climbed up this big puu (hill) in Puanui to look an archaeological site, a huge field system that was used to plant sweet potatoes!

 Beautiful day's end in Puanui

 Here is Kalaemano, Big Island, where we observed micro ecosystems and measured opihi (limpet growth) and haukeuke growth (sea urchin).  We got right in the water!


 Here are some haukeuke.  Yummy too!

 Back on Oahu visiting Waipao to learn about Native Hawaiian plants and their uses

 At Paepae o Heeia, a restored fishpond on Oahu

 A hale kiai (guard house) on the fishpond wall at Paepae o Heeia, Oahu

  Fishpond wall at Paepae o Heeia, Oahu

It was a wonderful Trip (Hualalai, Big Island).  I might try to make a painting from this photo, its so beautiful. It's good to be back, but I'll definitely remember this trip for the rest of my life!


  1. Great pictures! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii so I'm jealous that you actually live there. I hope to go maybe next week, but we'll see.

  2. OMG!!!!! i am so jealous!! great pictures!! you really DO live in paradise=hawai'i mahalo!!:O)hopefully one day i too will visit hawai'i!!


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