Friday, January 25, 2013

USPS (United States Postal Service) Why you so sad?

In case you guys haven't heard, our postage rates for people in the US who want to ship internationally, even to Canada will be going WAY WAY WAY WAY up starting January 27th.  This makes me very sad, as it will greatly increase shipping costs for people who live outside of the US (and I love all my international customers; some of you have become my great friends!).  For example (and I'm still trying to work out the rates), packages that are from 1 ounce to 20 ounces will increase from around $3 and up to around $6 and up.  That means an item that is only 1 ounce will cost $6 or more to ship!!! That means that shipping will probably cost a similar amount of money to some of my items! Booooo....I'm sorry guys! A silver lining perhaps:  from what I've been reading it seems that this change will make our international postage rates more equal to what other people around the world have to charge for their postage rates, and it will also greatly help our postal service, which has been struggling lately.  (I dunno, I'm just trying to see the good in the bad).  Here is a helpful chart on the prices according to USPS; be sure to check my shop for my shipping rates (I charge a base price for shipping and handling, + additional charges for each additional item... oy vey).  You can also check the prices at this USPS international shipping calculator starting January 27th.

Old 2012 First Class Mail International:


Mama Mia!


  1. Oh My... thank you for this information. I would have been in shock next time I had to send out my Etsy orders :O

  2. Trouble is.. if you want to send something you pay.. what ever and you do... We send things all around the world and our postage.. even a letter went up big time last year.. TRY A POSTCARD that is as much as a letter or better still what about shipping a large parcel to Cambodia... HUGE and the worst thing is with the British Mail.. it might never get there,... some don't... and too bad really. Because even if it is a few miles up the road... so much to go through will compensation............ or it gets returned to you Never ending circle... go fed ex or something... :-) At least they are tracked... hum.. sorry, just put that soap box away babes.. I really enjoyed it though :-) :-)
    Hope your well x x x

  3. Yeah I paid 14$ to send to France the other day ... Completely terrible.


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