Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Spoonflower fabric!

Two newish fabric designs are available on my spoonflower; well actually I made them a while ago but now the are available for purchase! Both of these designs have an ocean/ sea life theme: one is my takochu/sea urchin design (which you may have seen before) and a dolphin design. They are also have a larger scale; the takochu are around 1.5" or 3.5 cm and the dolphins are around 1" or ~2.5. I really like the takochu, but let me just say that I LOOOVE the dolphin one! I've always been partial to dolphins actually :) I especially love the fact that you think the design is so cute, but upon closer inspection you can see that some of the dolphins are using sonar pulses to stun little fishes! Hey, dolphins gotta eat too! The only thing is, one of the dolphins was a slightly different color in my design, and it came out waaay different when it was printed; it's still really cute but still! I've fixed it now (all the dolphins are now the same color as the lighter one... that's the color I originally wanted)


  1. Way to cute! As soon as I learn to sew I'm getting some of your fabric :D I want to turn some of my fractals into fabric I think they would be super cool.
    Whats you next fabric theme going to be?

  2. Adorable dolphin design. I loled when I saw one sonar-ing a fish. :] I actually like the darker colored dolphins.


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