Saturday, December 4, 2010

December calendar!

Yay, December calender is here! I'm so sorry it is late; for those of you who don't know I started my first day of work at my first real (full time, permanent non-student-y job). The first couple of days have been really nice, though I have learned that I will need more non-heel business shoes (I wore low wedges on the first day and my feet were still killing me! It's gonna be ballet flats 24/7!) and business clothes (usually I live in skirts and jersey dresses... now I need trousers because the office is soooo cold!). So work is the reason the calendar this time around is late, and a lot simpler. Hopefully it's still cute though! To download the December calendar, visit my flickr or my photobucket. Here's the story:
Scout and Oscar decided to decorate wild trees this year, and on the way home they found some lost cookies!
This calendar concludes all the calendars I've made throughout the year, and I hope you've enjoyed them :D I really loved making these this year, and we'll see what next year brings! My favorites were: the ones with the hot air balloon (June) the ghost (October) and the fireplace (November)! Which ones did you like?


  1. My favs are Jan, july, sept, and Oct but i like them all :)

  2. Good one matey.... good luck with your new job x x x x x x x xx x x x


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