Thursday, September 9, 2010

I had a productive weekend!

Along with not sewing for a long time, I have also abstained from crocheting (amazing isn't it!!!) I would have to say that I went about 2 months without crocheting ANYTHING, which was really good for my thesis writing (it's going really well by the way!) Anyway, since this past weekend was a three day holiday which was perfect for a little bit of fun, I just had to crochet something.

What began as one amigurumi turned into a whole mess of cupcakes, apples, acorns, bears, and bunnies... I find that once I'm crocheting I get really good ideas for other amigurumi to make and since I usually already have my yarn and crochet needle out, I just end up crocheting as much as I can! So, it was pretty much nonstop crocheting this weekend, which was a nice break :D The best part of my crochet-a-palooza was that I made this little happy sad jellyfish, so named because you can move his mouth into a smile or a frown, depending on your mood (though I daresay that it is better to always keep him smiling at you.... he's so cute that way!). I love him so much, I'll be sure to make lots more in the future :D


  1. Aww I adore the new fruit cupcake/cake! The cream and fruits look delicious! :3

    I also made a crochet jellyfish this week! What a coincedence! But mine is eternally happy and is blue instead, ho ho.

  2. Ohhhh que preciosidades.....Besitos.

  3. HOLLY, THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! I just love the cupcake!!! Will he be in your store?

    Thanks for always having such cute little friends for us to giggle at >_<

    ~Rebecca :)

  4. Jelly fish ............... :-)
    Fantastic Jelly fish :-) x x x
    Want to keep doing :-)'s
    I have no idea why you make me smile :-)
    Good jelly fish though :-)

  5. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Love your jellyfish ~ he is soooo cute!!!

    bonita of Depict This!

    Posted about ~ How to crochet your own strawberry amigurumi charm
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  6. 2 months without crocheting is a long time! well done for being disciplined with writing your thesis. I love your new little amigurumis :)

  7. Cute!!! You always make such kawaii crocheted creatures. I especially love the cupcake.


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