Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Anime: Fairy Tail

I've just started watching this anime called Fairy Tail, and it is awesome! It's about a girl named Lucy who runs away from home and meets Natsu, a young mage who can use an ancient dragon slayer magic that allows him to fight with fire. Natsu offers her membership in the magic guild Fairy Tail, where she meets a variety of really powerful mages who become her friends and teammates, including a boy named Gray who uses ice (and who also seems to lose his shirt every episode) and a seriously powerful girl named Erza whose knowledge and use of armor makes her the one of the best (and scariest) fighters in the guild! The show is really endearing, and really funny... the personalities of the characters are so much fun. Happy, Natsu's little blue cat who has wings is one of my favorites!


  1. maybe I have to look into this show hehe

  2. That's on my to-watch list! I have to thank you for mentioning crunchyroll. Since I found it via your blog I've spent many an hour watching awesome anime online :D
    Glad you got to do some crafting! It's always fun to see your cute updates!


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