Friday, August 20, 2010

tsumami kanzashi

I'm making good progress on my thesis, and although it is quite dorky of me, when I have a little down time I like to think and dream about what I would like to do next crafting-wise for berrysprite. For example, I really want to design more fabrics, actually write patterns, and maybe even get some acrylic charms or stamps done. I sit and dream about a day when there will be no thesis... and on that day will play video games and crochet and sew and craft until my fingers fall off and my brain turns to jelly!

These are all made by fellow etsians! If you like what you see, etsy usernames correspond to their product pictures above!
1. randomcatgirl; 2. gochemoche; 3. mizusugi; 4. theastarr; 5. aterlierkanawa; 6. alanamalia; 7. randomcatgirl; 8. petalmix; 9. aterlierkanawa; 10. gochemoche; 11. hanamigallery

Sorry if that mental picture scared you... it just sounds so fun! Here is something to make up for it: one of the things I would LOVE to try next is making tsumami kanzashi! It's the Japanese art of folding fabric to form petals and leaves for hair ornaments... wikipedia has a longish article if you're interested, and I know there are tons of youtube video tutorials. Anyway, I love the thought of using bits of fabric (you know I have a ton) to make such beautiful and wearable art! While it'll be a while before I can start learning how to do this, I can always drool over all the lovelies on flickr and especially on etsy! Its (almost) enough to get me to put my nose to the grindstone and finish my thesis :D

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  1. I've just been reading a book. Strange as it may seem :-) The illustrated history of Textiles..... old stuff in there. Maybe you need to be dorky first :-) x x x


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