Saturday, August 7, 2010

boo... school stuff sucks!

The only thing my camera has been taking pictures of lately is books.... no fun!

old old book.... I had to wear gloves and use a metal spatula to turn the pages.... that's probably the most exciting thing about being a historian (unlike being an anthropologist like Indiana Jones where you get explore temples and get all the girls... ha ha just kidding; I know anthropologists aren't really like Indie!)

I'm sure all of you have agreed with the above statement sometime in your life! Anyway, that's why I've been short on posting this week... and why this post will be kinda nills. I've actually been working on my thesis, like the good graduate student that I am (*snort*). However, due to my [incredible] work ethic, I am now a wee tiny bit closer to finishing my first chapter. And although it's been a really boring month of DAILY trips to the archives and also more recently some really slow writing, I feel quite proud actually :D Anyway, sorry there is nothing more exciting to share for now... hope everyone had a nice week/ and is planning to have a nice weekend!


  1. As boring as you want it to sound, what you're doing actually sounds SO COOL and like SO MUCH fun! I miss the research part of when I wrote my thesis, it was my favorite. I keep telling my husband that I want to write a book on something just so I have a reason to research.

  2. Hi ~

    I am new to your blog but when I found it two weeks ago I just knew I had to try out the cute patterns you've put up!

    My very first amigurumi is a takochu from your pattern. And I had so much fun making him I ended up with five more! Takochu Amigurumi ~ Part Two!

    I was just wondering though, I have modified your pattern {both the body of the takochu and the tenticles} and changed it to make a mobile phone charm sized takochu, but I am not sure if you would be ok with me selling these on Etsy?

    Would you still like me to referance you as the author of the pattern? I want to do the right thing before I think about selling the charm takochu.

    Please let me know what you would prefer. Maybe we could end up doing it as an Etsy colaboration or something?

    b. of Depict This!

  3. Yay for your first amigurumi... they're so cute! As I say in my pattern introduction, I'm totally fine with people selling stuff made from my free patterns on etsy! However, I see what you mean... you've modified the pattern to make it smaller. Because you've used my pattern as a base (in other words you didn't totally design the pattern all by yourself) I'd really appreciate it if you'd mention that the base pattern was from berrysprite. Thanks so much for asking (sending good karma beans your way!), and I really appreciate your honesty :D

  4. Good luck with the studying~I've been through of that too.


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