Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Calendar!

Yay! May's calendar is now available for download, just go to my flickr or photobucket! I worked on it extra hard, because for April's calendar I kinda took the easy way out, haha! Anyway, this calendar also incorporates some of the suggestions I got from fans on my facebook: people wanted to see flowers and rainbows (and I was all to happy to oblige). Mix that in with the end of school (for most kids) and you get a happy welcome-summer-calendar! Here's the story:

"Scout, Oscar and Lionel are so happy that school is out... Playing in the schoolyard is much better than being in a classroom!"

Hope everyone has a happy May!


  1. Hi Holly,

    I saw you new banner for you blog a couple of days ago and thought, "Oooo, That is sooooo cute. I hope that is the new calendar." And.......BAM!!! There it is!! This is really cute girl!! Just love it!

    Hope school is going good with you :^)

    reader Rebecca

  2. wow! soooooo cute!
    the little characters are priceless.
    hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. This is so kawaii! Keep up the good work, Holly! I love the story of the calendars too, but I think I like the amigurumi photo calendars better. But both are adorable!!! <3


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