Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clover Heart Pom-Pom Maker

It's been a little bit since my last post, but I had a paper due for the end of the semester; now that's done and done! I thought I'd do a little product review of one of Clover Japan's newest craft items... a heart shaped pom pom maker (click on the link above to go to the clover website where there is a video of a heart pom pom being made)! Clover's regular round pom pom makers are genius, so I thought I'd give their cutie heart ones a go.

I would definitely recommend using/ getting the heart pom pom maker... I think it would be pretty hard to make a heart pom pom without it! Although I initially bought the "large" size (2.5" - 3" or ~63mm-76mm), I have since bought the small size too. The heart pom pom maker works in basically the same way as the round pom pom makers, except there are markers where you should wind the yarn; this is to build the shape of your heart. There are a few key things you should remember when using this pom pom maker: Compared to the round pom maker, cutting the yarn once you've wound it is a bit harder on the heart pom pom maker. I always overload my pom makers with yarn... I hate the sparse look! And although the instructions say you can use yarn to tie your pom together, I've found that it's way too bulky... you really need to tie the heart pom VERY tightly; I would recommend a thick string or even wire of some sort, as long as you can get it really tight (not embroidery thread... I actually ripped my embroidery thread in half and my pom exploded).

I also thought I'd share a cute pom pom book I got a while back. If you're looking to get this book (or a book on pom poms, for that matter) I would definitely recommend this book; while it's entirely in Japanese, the pictures and ideas are really kawaii. From animal keychains to Christmas themed poms, this book provides a really good range of projects.


  1. cute! I love pom poms!!! and have a pom pom maker too-- not a clover one but similar. that heart one, though is fantastic! =)

  2. I have one of these things, actually I have two ha ha... sad..... ha ha... but calling in to say I am still around and watching :-)
    x x x
    To be honest... hey, they are good !

  3. POM POMS ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!! Wish I had a heart shape pom pom :( boo

    Hope all is well with you :^)

  4. So cute! I never knew u could make a heart shaped pom pom! That book is SOOO kawaii too! <3

  5. So cute and you are so talented! Love your stuff! What is the name of the book? It is so cute!!

  6. I have just acquired the heart pom pom maker but unfortunately I have yet to get anything resembling a heart from it. I have sat at my computer and followed two utube tutorials all to no avail. Sooooo disappointing.

  7. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that MagsD... My advice to you is to cut the yarn to shape the heart... you actually have to cut more of the yarn than you would think! But cut a little at a time so that you can see the heart taking shape. I think that is the biggest difference/ challenge with the heart pom pom maker versus the round pom pom maker... Hope this helps!


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