Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm baaaack!

Well that was an experience; the AHA conference (American Historical Association) taught me many things. My actual presentation went well, and thanks for all the encouragement guys! One insight gained: Professional Historians drink... a lot. Maybe that's par-for-the-course for most academic disciplines/ professions? Anyway, I subsisted on bar food and alcohol for three days; I ate almost no vegetables and a whole lotta hamburgers and fries. (And even though I had so many hamburgers at bars etc, I had to stop at In-N-Out... so good!) By the time I came home on Monday morning, I realized that I really missed rice and had to have a donburi (Japanese rice bowl)!

San Diego was so much fun too, I wish I had more time to explore the city. As it was, I stayed in this really economical (but nice!) hostel/hotel/YMCA (yes, that is pretty much how they advertise themselves!) The hotel was called 500 West, and if you don't mind a simple room and sharing bathrooms, it was perfect! At around $50 bucks a night, minutes away from the Gaslamp and Little Italy districts, America Plaza Trolley Station and Horton Plaza Shopping Mall, the location was really great for the price.

500 West Hotel... A Hostel/Hotel/YMCA; right on Broadway!

The America Plaza Trolley Station... literally 1 minute walking distance from 500 West hotel! An all day pass was $5

Although I was mostly busy with conference stuff and networking, I did manage to escape on a trolley to seek out a JoAnn's and Michaels in Loma Point/ Loma Square. Yes, I am that much of a craft nerd (plus we don't have JoAnn's or Michael's in Hawai`i!) Unfortunately, neither place really had what I was looking for; I seem to remember them having much prettier fabric and expanded selections of yarn/ crochet supplies a few years back... maybe it's the recession.

Although JoAnn's and Michael's were a bust I did manage to sneak in a flea market; Kobey's Flea Market on Sport's Arena Boulevard. I found a couple little things; a vintage (Mexican?) hand-embroidered piece of fabric for $3, some quartz crystals for $1 and this cute little pin that I thought was vintage until I flipped it over after I bought it (for $2) and found that it was stamped "avon." Ha! It's still super cute and sweet though :D


  1. Hi again so. Congratulations for you beautiful blog.I LOVE IT.

  2. Hi ! I just wanted to say you that I love your blog ! ♥♥♥ :)


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