Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Survey says?

I have been thinking about this a while, and it's something that I think is theoretically available to etsy sellers; I thought it might be a good idea to ask you guys what you think.

When a someone buys something, they can leave an appreciation picture with their feedback. Etsy has created an option for a seller to view all of their appreciation pictures; kinda like you can collect appreciation pictures (it makes me happy to see the ones I have!) Anyway, I haven't seen it at all on etsy (so maybe you can't do it) but as a seller I think leaving an appreciation picture for my customers when I leave them feedback would do a number of things, including; allowing them to collect pictures even though they aren't sellers, allow me to thank them in a way that is additional to feedback, and also give my shop some exposure (I mean come on... who else is doing this?) I just don't know if buyers would mind getting pictures with their feedback. I think the possibilities are really great for promoting your shop (in a subtle, non annoying way), possibly by creating different appreciation pictures for different months, so that buyers could collect them and have a range of designs from your shop. I personally would do all of mine on inkscape, so they'd be a graphic, but you could also use real photographs of yourself, your items etc. So... what do you guys think?

PS. This is a partial design from some fabric ideas I have bouncing around!


  1. Sounds like a perfect plan! I love Berrysprite graphics- you should definitely go for it xoxo

  2. Yes, I've been doing this since I noticed a couple of sellers left pics for me. All my customers get a picture of a cupcake saying thanks! As long as you aren't sending a big advert I think people like it and I'm sure yours would be super cute.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookie and milk pic!!! That would make the cutest fabric!!! I think the pic idea is really neat! I would love to get a cute little pic from you >_<


  4. Actually, that's a great idea! Who doesn't love some appreciation via image? And I'd be totally down with getting the cookie and milk. So tasty!

  5. i do it but usually a pic of the customer with their stuff or a pic of the finished product that i didnt get to put on the listing :D its kinda fun to do ^.^


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