Friday, March 27, 2009

Coming to my shop soon!

Ah yes, Spring break is almost finished, and I still have a few custom orders to take care of; I spent all day cleaning out my supplies and everything so it's nice and tidy. We actually had to raise my bed up so I could fit more things under it! Anyway, besides being busy custom crafting and cleaning, I also managed to photograph some of the things I've had done for a bit, including a bunch of stuff for blythe. Here they are, a small preview just for you guys; my favorite is the strawberry helmet (PS. I got my MSR a while ago, but I haven't properly introduced her... her name is Penn from her former mama, fishknees on etsy!). All for blythe: a pink bear, a magenta and white bear, a blue elephant, 2 gnome hats (one in cream and one in lavendar) and a strawberry helmet!

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