Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New design and Inkscape

Did you guys notice my new banner in my etsy and on my blog? Yay, I think they look cute! Red riding hood is hopefully going to be one of my new fabric designs, and I designed all these graphics to go on my fabric. It was super easy to then take all those graphic elements and put them into a banner and this little picture... that is the greatness of adobe photoshop. Did you guys know there is also a really great program that is free that lets you design in vector (much like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw). Vector is really cool; no matter how big or small you blow up a graphic, it never gets pixelated (looks blurry or like its made of squares) if you use vector. Like I said, the program is available for free download here, and is called inkscape... it's so awesome, I used it to design all of my berrysprite fabrics! The only thing is I think it is a little buggy (because its free) so make sure you save your work often because sometimes it just quits... that's the only drawback I know of! Hope you guys find it useful!


  1. I love your new banner! It looks great. As for Inkscape, I've already downloaded it from the last time you mentioned it. :] I adore it, it's a great program!

  2. i love the little red riding hood banner & picture!!! she's soooo cute and i see your little bee in the background too cute!! :3

  3. Your new banner design looks wonderful! Have you ever considered making and selling prints of your illustrations at your shop? I would totally buy one. :)


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