Sunday, November 9, 2008

happyapplet goodness

Sorry to get your hopes up guys; I didn't have a chance to make any pudding bearlets this weekend! Boo, where does the time go? I did get a chance to finish up a couple of custom orders, and I just listed a blackie cat in berrysprite (he is on sale because he has some freckles in his eyes). Also, poor neglected happyapplet, I haven't updated my supply etsy shop in so long! I got some new kawaii rubber stamps, erasers, and other cute Japanese goodness which I will be listing starting now. I'll list stuff this next week (probably Sunday, Tuesday-Saturday), everything I got except this little matroyksha rubber stamp; it was the last one and I just can't part with it!


  1. Oh the kitty is cute! I was wondering where the kitty went... now I know! ;]


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