Monday, October 20, 2008

Where have you gone my little friend

For those of you who remember my fruit bearlet series (little amigurumi bears with fruit-themed hats) I also have had a forest bearlet series for a very long time... but I haven't gotten around to photographing, listing them in my shop, etc. Part of the reason is... its so sad... I've lost one of their hats! My bird's nest bearlet is missing his bird's nest. Hence, I've been unable to photograph them all together, and I've had to list them one at a time. The mushroom bearlet has already sold, and the grass bearlet will be up shortly. But the bird's nest bearlet, that was the icing on the cake, and now its an icing-less cake!

On another, happier note, I was tagged by sunnie_fairy over at Octopi Crafts. I've been tagged before, by equally nice people, but I have a bit o' time right now, so here it goes:

1. It is currently 1:03 in the morning; I am totally a night owl. I do my best work in the middle of the night, even though I know it will contribute to premature blindness. I think I could be a vampire quite easily.

2. I live in an apartment, but I want to live in a house with a huge yard... I've never had one! I think if I had a yard I'd lie in the grass all the time and grow my own fruit and vegetables. I'm saving up now.

3. I am thinking about becoming a librarian in addition to a historian (not really, but having those two degrees really increases your chances of scoring a primo job).

4. My favorite color is... rainbow. So I guess it is all colors. There was a period of 5 years, I think where I hated baby pink, but now in my old age I see the value of pink in life.

5. I have a little red car, his name is happyapplet; my supply store on etsy was named after him. Berrysprite is a name I made up when I got my first email account in the 9th grade (yep, 9th... a boy who liked me set it up for me!)

6. I have so much fabric, yarn, etc (for such a small, crowded living space) that I keep some of it in my car, and at my grandma's house, in addition to in my clothes drawer, my closet, under my bed, and in the living room by the microwave.

7. I wish I could travel around the world for a living. Some places on my to go list: India, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, China (again), Japan, Mexico (again, but better this time), UK, etc. Believe me, there's more.

8. Oooh, I thought of a good one! I have to brush my teeth 3 times every time I brush them. It's a bit obsessive compulsive; if I don't brush them 3 times I feel like my mouth is still dirty!
Bye for now guys!


  1. Make sure you invite me along when you go to Japan!!!! Can you imagine?

  2. oh, your facts are great! loved hearing about "berrysprite" ;]
    I hope you can find the nest! I always lose stuff, too- if that's any condolence. :]


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