Sunday, October 5, 2008

My first treasury!

Yay! Scored my first etsy treasury... it literally took all day. I never really thought to bother before but I was reading the forum posts and saw a link to postersketch, which enables you to make a pretend treasury (it automatically saves to your computer, as long as you don't clear your cookies out). Anyway, I loved my postersketch so much I thought I would give treasury making a try. I think it might be helpful if I shared some of my learned tips from today; I ended up waiting for one twice, because the first time I didn't realize you have to wait for the treasury list to go below 333 lists before you even have the chance for a spot. Anyway, if there is more than 333 lists, you should sort all the lists by expiration date and go to the list that expires the soonest. From there, you minus 333 from the number of lists there actually are (x), and then divide the answer (y) by 20 and go backwards by that number of pages (z) and listings (the last page may have less than 20... keep that in mind) to find the right page for the 333 list that will expire and give you a slot (there are 18 lists per page, that's why you divide).

The formula is: x-333=y, and y/20=z, where z= the number of pages you go backwards from the page you started on.

Once you find the right list, click on it and see what time it expires (check it against your clock). You can leave and live your life, but when it gets down to like 5 minutes until the 333 list expires, you should go back to your computer, log in and open the treasury page. Don't refresh your screen; just flip back and forth between the pages. Once the list expires, it will take just a bit for a box to appear at the bottom of the page (in the place where it used to say "treasury full") Make sure you have a title before you start adding your items! Isn't it fun?

Here is my treasury, it is called mushrooms are lovely...


  1. oh, beautiful! i love mushrooms! especially when spotted... ;]

  2. I love your treasury, I love its title, and thanks for the info. Treasuries seem so complicated, but you gave great instructions! I might try it out sometime. :)

  3. Great treasury! You're lucky to get one. I tried and tried, and finally gave up!


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