Wednesday, March 5, 2008

yay for holidays!

There are so many holidays in March this year! Easter, St. Patricks Day and.... well, I've already missed girl's day, boo! Usually, I like to have some holiday themed stuff in my shop, so I made some easter bunnies, a leaf bearlet and a clover clutch with some great Alexander Henry (I think) shamrock fabric.
I've actually made more drawstring pouches too, but my birds commandered one; they like playing in little holes and "caves," but they really like being able to see the light through whatever it is they are hiding in- then they pretend they are little cats and pounce on whatever comes by! So, I had this little blue pouch on the ground right before I was going to put in the drawstring, and the next thing I knew, they were both inside of it peeping out at me. I decided to give it to them as an early easter present ^__^


  1. Love the new bunny! Can't wait to see the new cuties.

  2. the pouch and bunny are really cute. and those birds are so adorable! that is so cute that they play like that!

  3. You're birds are actually really, really, really cute. Do you just let them hop around the house? That's so cool. :)

  4. I *love* that photo of your birds! :D <3


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