Sunday, March 23, 2008

Haha, I am no moderator

Yessiree bob! I haven't gotton the hang of this comment moderator thingie, so sorry guys! I actually did it because I was getting weirdo comments like "see here or here" and then it would be some bizarre spam! So thanks everyone who has had a comment waiting in the wings, and for reading my blog... I really appreciate it!

Also, Happy Easter! Spring Break has just begun, but already I feel like it will not be long enough... I've been working on some new amigurumi designs (tell you guys later, hee hee) and also a new pouch design, which will be between the zippered pouch and the clutch size, but with the same cute stripe and buttons!

Because I haven't been photo-ing lately, here are my finished sushi amigurumi (some of you may have already seen them in my shop: 1.) Tobikko nigiri- caplin roe 2.) Ebi nigiri- shrimp 3.) Ocean salad nigiri- seaweed 4.) Tako nigiri- octopus 5.) Ahi nigiri- tuna 6.) Unagi nigiri- eel 7.) Tamago nigiri- egg 8.) Idako- seasoned baby octopus


  1. I've gotten that spam, too! It's soooooo annoying! :(

    Anyway, I love the octopus. hahaha he's dinner, and he doesn't even know it.


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