Friday, February 5, 2016

Aloha tofu!

If anyone ever comes to Hawai'i (or if you live here like me) I would definitely recommend you stop at Aloha Tofu Town! It's this small cafe that is also a gift shop and tofu factory! Everything the serve is made with their own Aloha tofu. It's a popular stop for people from Japan, and for people who love tofu. My favorite is the tofu hamburger steak (no pic because I ate it!), but they also have bentos, curry, and loco moco! They even have tofu based desserts... Their tofu creampuffs are especially popular. One of my favorite things is that when you order a regular sized meal, you can also serve yourself tofu that hasn't been fully firmed yet... It is so good!  This is a local business that is also one of the few tofu companies remaining in Hawaii. They are located in dole cannery... Check them out!

Bentos to go!

The dining area

Making aburaage!!!

Serve yourself tofu... they keep it warm in a slow cooker and you can garnish it yourself too!

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