Sunday, March 30, 2014

All the Korean Makeups

I had a spectacular day off on Friday, and I spent it shopping at MULTIPLE Korean makeup stores!  We are lucky in Hawaii, because within the past three years, three different Korean makeup brands have opened up shop!  This includes The Face Shop, TonyMoly and Nature Republic! Although I'm not normally a huge makeup fan, Korean makeup usually comes in kawaii packages (of which I AM a super fan!).  All three stores have comporable makeup and skincare products, such as lotions, cleansers, face masks, nail polishes, etc, at similar prices.  Together, they are a trifecta of amazing kawaii makeup products!  I'm actually going to Japan in a few months (the land of kawaii makeup), but I couldn't resist.  Here are my purchases:

Face masks on the bottom left (including Aloe, Mung Bean, and Honey).  The red box is a tomato lotion... Tomato is a very popular flavor/ fragrance in Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries.  The monkey box holds a mud mask and the green bunny is a green tea solid perfume!

Korean makeup stores are also really good about giving samples...The Floria tubes and Aura cream came as free gifts with purchase, and were included in the calendar box in the back!

 Panda hand cream.   I repeat.  Panda hand cream.  Not going to lie, I kinda wanted this just because it came in a panda.

Want to wage a war against your pores?  Use this egg pore toner!  

More hand cream!  This one came from Nature Republic, which is still relatively new in Hawaii... Their store is in Ala Moana.  See what I mean about packaging though?  From the minute you open it to the minute all the product is gone, you gotta love the whole "process" of using Korean makeup!  Additionally, the little sprout on this guy's head can be taken out and put in your cell phone's earjack, like a little plant is growing out of your phone (they're called pluggies!).  Isn't that cool?

So anyway, I'm going to have to not spend money for a little while, but I'll definitely have super nice hands/ smell super good/ clear skin in the meantime!

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  1. OMG WHY!! I want haha can you buy this online? I live in Toronto Canada :P I agree I would just get this stuff cuz its soo freeking cute thank you for posting all of it :P Now I will be poor! :P


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