Monday, September 2, 2013

Food on my Japan trip

Sorry I've been MIA,  I am trying to finish up a huge report and am still juggling many more reports at work!  It's like grad school never ended!  Anyway, here are more pictures from my wonderful awesome superb super fun trip to Japan.  This post is dedicated to yummy foods I ate!

Chocolate and cream cheese crepes in Kamakura
 Tonkatsu at Katsukura in Gion

Melon soda in Shinjuku

 Sulfur egg snack in Hakone

Spaghetti Burger at Lotteria in Shinjuku

 Shabushabu in Shinjuku

 Kaiseki Dinner in Atami

Candy store in Kyomizu

 The most kawaii donut from Floresta Bakery in Nara

Takoyaki in Osaka

 The best peach water ever!!!! I drank like 20 of these!

 Yakisoba at the Tanabata Festival in Osaka

Katsudon in Osaka

 The funnest vending machine ever!  At the Ramen store Kamakura you select your choice and pay outside....

 And then you go inside and eat your ramen! It was sooooo good!

 Pablo! This cheese tart was cheesy and sweet and delicious!

 Cute pastries in the basement of Takashimaya department store in Osaka

 April and October zodiac sundaes from Milky Way Galaxy in Ikebukuro

Gyu-don in Shinjuku

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