Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going to Japan!

Aaaaaah! I'm so excited! I'm going to Japan on Friday! I put my shops in vacation mode already :D. You guys know me, I always give super short notice... alas, it's the particular combination of work/ fellowship/ berrysprite stuff/ life that makes me a professional procrastinator. The good news is my fellowship is technically over, although we still have to finish the report for it. I got a promotion at work, so that is great! As far as berrysprite stuff, I am working on making some patterns that I will sell in my shop... did you guys know etsy now has a downloadable option? I have to investigate it more, since I don't follow etsy news so closely anymore (so yes, I have no idea when they began supporting this option!), but it seems that this will make it so SUPER easy to buy and sell patterns! This trip to Japan is my celebratory, "Hooray, life is grand!" trip, and I know I'll come back with all kinds of inspiration and kawaii stuff! I've already had people remind me (very nicely... i heart you guys!) that I shouldn't neglect my blog in light of this awesome trip, and I promise I won't. You can expect to see lots of pics about my adventure, so stay tuned!

Here's where I'm going:

  • Tokyo
  • Kamakura 
  • Odawara
  • Atami
  • Osaka
  • Nara
  • Kobe
  • Kyoto


  1. Ola,
    Gostei do Blog!!!!
    abraço Leila

  2. Últimamente no tengo mucho tiempo de pasar por los blogs, esta noche he parado un ratito para saludaros.Preciosos trabajos. Feliz verano.


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