Wednesday, October 31, 2012


One part of the Stanford Campus from the Hoover Tower... the campus was huge (I think around 800 acres!)
I just got back  from my trip to San Francisco/ Palo Alto/ Stanford/ Monterey Bay.... It was so much fun but also a lot of work: we had class sessions from early morning to late evening everyday, including weekends, for two weeks straight! When I got home, I think I sleep for a straight day and a half :P. Anyway, I'm off to Turkey today... I'll see you guys in two weeks!

San Francisco from around Pier 1... it was so pretty and SO FUN!
The Alaskans we were with insisted that we get some oysters from Hog Island Oyster Company

I insisted I get some clam linguine... this is from the Stinking Rose and is made using black linguine noodles (made with squid ink); it was really good!
Kayaking Elk Horn Slough... It was the first time I've ever seen otters!
Monterey Bay Aquarium... one of the best places I visited!
A cow fish!

I looked at the jellyfish for hours... they were by far my favorite part of the aquarium!
A fancy seahorse/ seadragaon! The Seahorse exhibit was my second favorite part of the trip to the Aquarium.
An area just outside the aquarium... this reminded me of the tidepools at home and I almost wanted to go swimming except that I remembered that the water was super freezing!
Also a highlight... We got to play with horses!  They can sense your feelings and so as a leadership and team-building exercise we worked with them as a group... so nice!


  1. Stanford's my dream college!! ^_^ San Francisco and Monterey Bay are so fun >_<

  2. Oh, sounds like you had fun! :D I absolutely LOVE Monterey- it's one of my favorite places in California, being a Cali native. But I have to ask... were you able to swing by Pier 39 during your SanFran trip? :) It's so magical- my favorite spot in the city.


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