Sunday, September 30, 2012


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Holy COW!  Look at these super kawaii acrylic toys shaped like PIGGIES!  Many of you know of my extreme fondness for takochu, but when I saw these (incidentally called butachu) I nearly had a brain aneurism!  So KAWAIIIIIIII! I was lucky enough to snatch some on my go-to site for small cute things, kawaiishopjapan, but she only has a few left so if you love them like I do you'd better hurry on over to her site and get some... I can't seem to find them anywhere else!  According to kawaiishopjapan owner Miki, the butachu are made by a company called Eikoh; Miki is selling them for a very reasonable $3.70 each in the "kawaii toys," "small and tiny" category.  I couldn't find much information on them otherwise (maybe because they are so new?), but here's hoping you're able to get some too!  If you aren't able to get some, I suggest watching the kawaiishopjapan website or sending an inquiry... it's restocked fairly frequently! The blue one and the black ones are my faves right now.  But also the red one..... gaaaahhhhh so cute!

Cute Butachu Mini Piggy Acrylic Mascot Toy Takochu's Friend *Blue

Cute Butachu Mini Piggy Acrylic Mascot Toy Takochu's Friend *Black

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  1. I am definitely going to need some of these after missing the Takochu craze. I still love those guys and it makes me sad I can't find them... and when I do they are SUPER expensive!!!! TT^TT


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