Thursday, August 23, 2012

gold dust gecko

Nothing special today, just a random picture I took at my Grandma's house over the weekend.  This little guy is a gold dust gecko... they were introduced to Hawai`i  (maybe by accident?) a little bit ago.... I never remember seeing them as a little girl, but my family found one when I was around 10.... now they can be found in many places here.  Although they are aggressive and sometimes eat other lizards (including the normal pink/grey house geckos that used to be more numerous when I was young), they are quite photogenic.


  1. is that a living lizard? that's cool! the skin, it's different with the lizard from my country *Indonesia* XD

  2. I think it's soo adorable!! I live up, up North and we don't have any lizards :( Have you ever kept one that you caught as a pet? I always wanted one! :D


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