Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog redesign!

I've been quiet on the blog front lately (busy as usual), but I'd love to extend a heartfelt thanks for all my lovely customers who recently helped me to reach 1950 sales! You guys make me feel special. Also, I redesigned my blog again! The design interface blogger provides makes it so easy and quick now, as compared to before. I hope you like it... I tried to make it with spring in mind. I especially love Red Riding Hood... it has been one of my goals to design a range of kawaii fairy tale characters for fabric/amigurumi, but I have yet to find the time! So for now it's just Little Red.


  1. It is a lovely redesign! Love the idea of a kawaii fairy tale, can't wait to see more! <3

  2. Holly! Yurr back! <3
    *muah* Love the Red Riding Hood! :) So Kawaii!
    I adore yurr blog! xoxoxo from yurr gal up in Cali!

  3. Such a cute design! I think you did a great job! Definitely reminds me of spring (and the fact I have to do redesigning for my sites too lol)


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