Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazy Sunday...o.o.O.O.O.o.o...

Thanks to everyone who made my sale a very big success! It felt good to have the shop open again, I must admit! It was especially nice slipping out of my office during my lunch hour to go to the post office... Just like old times!

In addition to my sale extravaganza last week, I've been quite busy. When I was still in school I always found the holidays SUPER relaxing because there was no classes and the semester was over. Now that I'm working I realize how much grown ups actually have to do! It's definitely calming down now.

I was able to go to a fabric market and pick up this SUPER cute fabric; it's a pretty new design! I love it so much, its very Tokidoki-esque. It's also very Hawai`i; see the musubi and shave ice people? Other than that, this weekend I didn't do much in the way of fun... just family stuff, no crafting. A lazy Sunday indeed... my cat is even curled up on a puddle of sunshine snoozing away... it's been 3 hours! Hope everyone has a very happy week!

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