Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy ending to a three day weekend!

Short post today. Is it ironic that a day to celebrate labor/ workers is a holiday? I was lucky enough to have Labor Day off, and it was a gorgeous day in Hawai`i nei! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! Now back to work :)


  1. Hey,

    i have one question... Do you have designed your homepage by your own? It´s so better than mine :( :D

    By the way.... your site is soooooooooo cuuute and also your stuff...

  2. Thanks so much for the sweetie comments ElphieDesigns, I do design my homepage myself; I use Inkscape to make all the characters. I'm currently working on a new design, which I hope to unveil soon :)

  3. Hi dear,

    I love your new layout! The monkeys are cuteeeeeeeee! :) By the way, I have link you to my blog. hehe I love amigurumi.


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