Thursday, July 21, 2011

Earring holder tutorial

I'm back from San Francisco! It was so much fun (too much fun, since I've been back since last Monday and I haven't even posted all my pictures yet!). I'll get around to posting about my trip this weekend, but until then, I thought I'd post a quick tutorial!

This tutorial is for a simple and economical earring holder! Although I'm sure there are better earring holders out there (I personally used an empty jelly jar!) this earring holder makes a quick project that will hopefully help you keep your earrings a bit more organized. All you need is an embroidery hoop (the larger the hoop, the more earrings it can hold), fabric, thread, and sewing pins. Embellishments like fabric yo-yos, sequins, embroidery, or anything else can help to make your earring holder special.

To start, cut a circle of fabric that is a little larger than the embroidery hoop. When selecting fabric, choose one that has a weave that forgives repeated use of needles and is a bit sturdier (but still thin enough to be pulled through the embroidery hoop). Before tightening the hoop, make sure the fabric is taut! Add any embellishments to your fabric while in the hoop.

If you want your fabric to stay put for long-term usage, stitch the fabric on the back of the hoop together. Otherwise, you can change "backgrounds" whenever you feel like it!

Finally, use sewing pins as pegs to hold your earrings in place! Hang your earring holder somewhere convenient :)


  1. What a nice and easy idea to make an earring holder!

    Greetings Sofieke

  2. This is genius! I can't wait to put it into use!

  3. Hello, that is so cute and simple to do. I need one of those to organise my out of control earing collection. Thanks for sharing.

    Bertie x

  4. I made one like this but just used cross stitch fabric so no need to worry about the fabric having a million holes in it.. just an idea!


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