Friday, February 4, 2011

Messy apartment... always!

In my imaginary house, everything is nicely put away and organized, just like I see in lovely magazines and on the blogs of other crafty people. However, this is how most of my things are organized in real life(i.e., they are not organized at all!) As for my closet... is it surprising that it's full of more yarn/ fabric than actual clothes? I'm too embarrassed to show you guys under my bed and in the trunk of my car, so this is all you get to see for now! Someday, I'll have a huge room all to myself, and all my crafty goodness will be well organized but for now this is it.

I see a belt, pouches, thread, a plate, ribbon, tape and lace!

Side note: I'm going to be kinda quiet this weekend/ week; I'm finishing up Chapters 1-4 of my thesis to send to my advisor.... she WILL get it by the end of the week! (Still got Chapter 5, Intro, Conclusion and Bibliography left).


  1. I know what you mean. I'm trying to clean/organize my house right now, but it seems impossible sometimes. ^^''

  2. Oh, oh... it kind of reminds me of someone.... ME! hahaha
    I never throw away anything. Every little piece of anything could be useful to my next undecided yet project. As much as I try to be organized and put things in categories I simply can't!
    Closet, car, under the bed, up on the shelves... you name it! hahaha

  3. haha i know what you mean!
    trust me, the bigger the room the bigger the mess! at least thats how it is in my house ^^

  4. I'm working on my sewing room right now and it stinks! I love being organized but getting there is dang hard!

  5. Hey I'm the same way with the sole exception that all my stuff is in big plastic tubs but if you open one it's a jumbled mess lol. I too dream of having an apartment or house with a huge room (with a door) with two walls covered with smal squares that all my things can go into and be neat and tidy LOL I find if the room I'm in is Clean I'm happier and create better.

  6. *raises hand* I'll tidy it for you, pick me pick me!!!


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