Monday, November 1, 2010

November calendar is here!

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween, full of lots of candy and fun! Yay, November's calendar is here! It took me a little bit to make this one, mostly because the colors on my computer were fine but on other computers they turned extremely yellow. Visit my flickr or my photobucket to download for free, because I love you all :) To download, click on "all sizes" pick "original" and then save to your computer; from there, set it as your desktop background!

Here's the story: "Oscar and Scout decided to have their Thanksgiving feast of corn, carrots and peanut butter pumpkin pie inside where it's nice and cozy; it's getting a bit chilly out! " (PS. I have no idea what peanut butter pumpkin pie would taste like but it sounds like it would be good, right?)


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