Tuesday, October 19, 2010

takochu and forest friends spoonflower designs

BORED!!! I am bored. Of thesis. Tonight for dinner I made Garlic chicken, cucumber kim-chee and sweet potato salad... it was random but delicious (and a little bit stinky), which is the reason there are no pictures of said feast.

Continuing with the randomness, here are some fabric designs which I made a while back but have just now made available for viewing in my spoonflower gallery (sorry, not for sale yet!) I thought I should add some designs there since I have lots of new spoonflower connections (yay!). I was going to enter the one with the acorns into spoonflower's "forest animals" contest, but I think I am too lazy, heh heh. The takochu one is a bit different because it's a tiny bigger than the fabric I normally design; I usually like to keep it on a smaller scale so I can make pouches, etc with it (these takochu are around 1.5" or ~3.8 cm.) In the future there will be a rainbow takochu fabric. Also, once I have a bit more time I'll make some fabrics that aren't just repeat/tiles lined up... ones that blend together (does that make sense?) Anyway, I hope you guys are having a great week!


  1. oh my god! so cute! so colorfull!
    love the rainbow and the drop!

  2. I love the forest animals! Love your fabrics on Spoonflower too. Supercute!

  3. I love these, would you let us use the images as backgrounds for web pages?

  4. If you do Kylie, I'd really appreciate it if you'd credit me as the artist/ designer somewhere... maybe even a link to my blog? Thanks so much for loving it so much guys, I'm so happy you like them!


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