Friday, August 15, 2008

happyapplet, moo and Penelope

So today (and yesterday) a bunch of Hawaiian print fabrics went into my etsy supply store, happyapplet... I haven't uploaded things there regularly like I try to do for berrysprite, but it's been going pretty good. I've also made a few blythe dresses and amigurumi, with felted and pompom creatures coming up but I haven't decided whether to but them in my two existing shops or to start a new one... I know I'm a greedy etsy pig!

Speaking of pigs, I just watched Penelope for the first time... it was awesome! I've liked Christina Ricci as an actress ever since she was Wednesday in the Addams Family movies (which are hilarious!) I dunno, I think she looked cuter with the nose!

Aaaand, finally; I got moo cards! Well actually, I just got the 10 free ones you get when you upgrade your flickr to a pro account. But I made them worth it; I split each card into two photos so I actually could use 20 photos instead of having to choose just 10. They're really nice and printed on thick thick thick paper, and the print quality is pretty good too. Definitely an option if I want to make business cards (though a bit small- 1/2 the size lengthwise of a regular business card, and also pricey; $19.99 for 100 not including shipping). Anyway, they make me smile :)


  1. cute cards!
    I love the fabric, it's so bright

  2. Awwww, your Moo cards look fantastic! They were just made to take your fab pics!

  3. Nice fabric, good review and I love your cards!


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