Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cactical inspiration

A little inspiration from nature is sometimes all you need to create: These huuuge cacti live at the Honolulu Zoo, which in recent years has actually gotton quite good (well, as compared to when I was little). My sisters and I went for fun one weekday (it's summer after all) and of course, me and my lovely camera took a million pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few choice ones here on my blog or on my flickr, though I'm soon nearing the need to upgrade to a pro account. Anyway, these cati are bigger than beachballs; we have one on our patio that is almost the size of a basketball, but no where as large as these babies!

Anyway, I thought this picture would be perfect, because I have recently completed some cacti specially requested by a lovely customer of mine. They are basically made with the same pot adn dirt as my flower pot, but the actual cactus part took me a while to get just right ( I had to make it rounder, rounder I say!) But, I think in the end they came out cute! Off to go find more inspiration, this time for a wooly mammoth!


  1. Omigosh! These are the cutest little amigurumis ever! You are so talented!

  2. Aloha Holly!

    I get mine from Shirokiya at Ala Moana. They have a pretty good selection, which include the strawberry and mushroom sets. Each box is only 3.99. Hooray! Have fun shopping!

    Thank you, too, for your compliments!


  3. I love them! I'm sure they will cure my cacto-phobia. Thanks Holly- you're the best xoxo

  4. These are the cutest, most cuddliest cacti I've ever seen!


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