Thursday, August 6, 2009

August Desktop Calendar!

I bet you guys are saying, "Finally!" Don't worry, that's how I feel too :D

Here is August's feature amigurumi-made-into-a-calendar, available for download through my flickr (photobucket is currently doing site maintenance). Rummy took me a while to complete; mostly because I was still recovering from DC. Incidentally, Rummy is made from yarn I bought while I was in DC! His shorts and pouch are handsewn and patched, he has a "rope" drawstring in keeping with the latest shipwreck fashions. He also took me a bit because I had to get some sparkles for his treasure pouch! He'll be in shop shortly, once I can bear to part with him!

"Rummy the pirate cat is certainly very fierce looking to his pirate cat compatriots; he walks with a swagger and grunts things like "Aye, my hearty." But when he's all alone he likes to take off his eyepatch (which normally messes with his depth perception) and talk to his most loyal parrot chicken; he's quite a softy actually. In fact, if you saw Rummy without his pirate gear you might not know about his savvy alter ego... your only hint that Rummy is truly a pirate at heart would be the mischievous glint in his eye when he spots sparkly treasure!"


  1. holy crap that is too cute and so funny that it's pirates cause im working on pirate baby shower stuff so cute i love this! you have such an eye for amigurumi :D

  2. thank you so much for this great wallpaper. it's in use right now!

  3. Wow- he's adorable! Love the chicken-parrot too ;-)

  4. Just lovely! I adore your crochet! ♥

  5. Is Rummy's nose crocheted too? I looks really good like that, so do the ears and arms.


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