Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I love, what I wanna make

So, I am now 23 years old, going on 24 (in a couple of months anyway). I still love baby stuff though! I really enjoy crayons, stickers and erasers and sometimes I just like coloring in a coloring book (I think it may be weird, but it's too calming and fun to give up!). Also, I like reading Harry Potter, but I think there are enough adults who also like reading Harry Potter to make it safe to say that it is really just a "human" activity. One of the little kid things I do is play video games. I don't really play any shoot 'em up boy games (there's a little too much machine gun/boobage for my tastes anyway) but I really love the mario games, and especially...

Zelda! I've been a faithful player since it first came out, like in the 80's! And the newest one (Twilight Princess), let's just say that it is the BEST GAME EVER ANYWHERE. I loved it. But with school, I really don't have any time to play video games, and today my sister was playing Phantom Hourglass on her Nintendo DS. I was having withdrawals. Anyway, the animation for Zelda is superb, especially for Windwaker; there are these really cute seagulls. Long story short, I wish to make an amigurumi seagull! (Sometime in the future at least, hee hee!)

1 comment:

  1. hahaha zelda is so cute! He's always been cute actually. :D


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