Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year: New bearlets for the bearlet explosion!

Happy New Year everyone... hope you had a safe and happy holiday! As you may have seen, starting today (Jan. 1st) my etsy shop will feature the hard work of months and months! I'm premiering my new bearlet collection (which I referred to as bearlet explosion on my shop homepage) which will include my very hyped amigurumi bearlets with felted limbs. They're so cute! I only have these six ready right now, and I'm not sure how I'll be listing them yet, but definitely these six will be listed by the end of January... aren't they so fun? I got a chance to photograph them at the Botanical garden and while the photos are cute, the actual little guys are even cuter!

Anyway, I'm trying to be more organized this year (I think that might be one of my resolutions... sounds good, huh?) One of the ways I'll be doing this will be uploading my pictures to flickr in collections and sets, so expect a January 2009 collection there soon. That way it'll be easier to find new designs, and I do have a bunch planned for this year (giraffe, cow, etc!).

Also, each month I want to have features. Among these will be a special monthly amigurumi set which will come with specially made goodies which will be limited editions; I won't recreate them exactly the same (they may be in different colors or have different accessories). These special features will also always have FREE SHIPPING, anywhere in the world. And because you guys know how long it takes me to get my act together (and because I've been quite busy hanging out with family and friends), I can only tell you about this month's feature, because he's not ready just yet!
Special amigurumi feature set- LONDON CAT!
Other special themes for this month:
  • general- bearlet explosion
  • shape- sphere
  • accessory- winter wear (scarves, caps)
  • color- minty green/blue


  1. looking forward to this bearlet explosion... it sounds like a bundle of cuteness

  2. Ooooooh- they're adorable! Can I reserve the red and orange one, please? xoxo

  3. Aww thanks for the sweetie comments guys! Nia, the red and orange one will be reserved for you... I'll convo you when I list it!

  4. aw these bearlets are so adorable, i love them. Beautiful photographs too, you have been busy! ^.^

  5. Oh, I adore the cream fluffy one! :] sounds like you have everything planned! I wish I was as organized as you.

  6. It looks like you made the bearlets with chunky yarn :3 Is it so? Because if it is, I need major tips on how to accomplish that. I bought a skein of chunky yarn, thinking it would be a breeze to crochet with. Boy, was I wrong. It saddens to realize that I can't do anything with the soft, colorful thing... Please help 3:

  7. Thanks for the comments guys: Rockiet, some of them are made with a chunky-ish yarn... it can be tough to work with chunky yarn if you are just learning how to crochet [so fat!!]. However, maybe working with a skinnier yarn and working your way up to a chunky yarn might help... about half of the trouble of learning how to crochet is learning how to keep your tension even, and if you start with a skinnier yarn you might be able to improve your tension without getting too frustrated [don't worry if you do get frustrated though, because your hands just have to learn the right "feel." You can do it! I've also found that sometimes you have to use a bigger crochet needle; for example I usually use a US sized "E" needle but for really fat yarn sometimes I use a bigger "F" or "G" needle. So you might want to try a bigger needle! Also, chunky yarn tends to have more fuzz on it, and sometimes the needle gets caught in it, yes? Try going slowly, crocheting during the day (when the light is better) and concentrating on crocheting the loops... this might help prevent your needle from getting stuck in the fuzz! Long story short, don't through away your fuzzy yarn... keep at it and I'm sure it will get easier :D big hugs!

  8. o mi gosh! how do you crochet with the fuzzy yarn! i try so hard but it is as if the stitches have dissapeared in the fuzz. Its my favorite yarn. help!!! :( how do you do it?

  9. Try a bigger hook Anonymous! Also go slowly and make sure you have lots of light! Good luck :D


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