Monday, December 27, 2010

Great Christmas Haul!

Hmmm... I'm noticing a definite red and white theme here that I didn't notice when I asked for these things!!!

It was such a great Christmas... I hope you all had a lovely Christmas as well! I got so many lovely things (unfortunately I only gave gift cards :( boo me!) Among them; totally fun socks (very rainbow bright/ pirate!) , a SUPER cute chupa chups purse ( I bet you didn't even know chupa chups made stuff other than lollipops!) and kawaii mushroom lamps (SOOOOO CUUTE). Plus, super cute gifts from lovely etsy friends :D... you know who you are!

Plus, I'm notoriously hard to shop for, so lots of people just give me a $$ range and I shop for myself. This year I got a lot of stuff related to work, including work clothes and shoes. If you guys are like me and need cute/ comfortable flats for work/ fun, I would suggest checking out blowfish shoes. I know, weird name (DO NOT go to unless you want to be scarred for life... go to!!! See, I put the link twice so you won't go to the wrong site by accident!) They are really soft and comfortable, plus they are stylish too (I've had the hardest time finding pointy-toed flats, but these are great!) Although they run around $40 or more for a pair (expensive for me!), they are seriously my new favorite shoe brand!

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